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PCB Design Services

We prioritize realiabilty, performance, manufacturability, affordabilty and design for test-ability.


PCB Design

PCB Design Process



We review your designs, and We prioritize reliability, performance, manufacturability, affordability, and design for testability.


We can create schematics from specifications given by the client. We accept marked-up schematic sheets or black diagrams. We do verbal discussions with the client and draw schematic accordingly. We accept schematics in PDF, sketch, or any other format and convert it into a preferred CAD format. As part of our process, we validate the Bill of Material (BOM).

PCB Design Tools

We use the standard tools from Orcad, Cadence, EAGLE, and Altium (PROTEL), etc. We accept a partial or fully placed netlist. We can use our library of parts, customer libraries, or create library parts according to customer needs. Our design team can schedule online video conferences to support you. We work 24/7. We have resources that can work on your design while you sleep.

Tools we use PCBandPCB

  • Cadence
  • Orcad Schematic Capture
  • Altium Designer (PROTEL) etc


PCB Stack-Up Design

Before we start the layout design, we analyze your requirement. We provide an in-house stack up design. In this way, all the design objectives re met. We provide HDI technology for PCB Design. We will use if HDI technology is required or could help in PCB optimization.


PCBandPCB has talented and experienced engineers in PCB Layout Design. We are in constant touch with the latest PCB layout design tool and technology. In this way, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective designs to meet our customers’ technical requirements & demanding schedules.


PCBandPCB provides the most comprehensive and accurate library services for PCB Design. PCBandPCB’s library processes includeare equipped with effective creation using advanced tools and verification procedures. We also work with customer part libraries and perform the Design for Assembly DFA test.


We do Board floor planning and place the component as per customer guidelines given. We perform checking of signal flows and routing needs and recommend component placements. We give customer PDFs, Gerbers, DXFs, check plots, etc. Customers will review the placement. Once approved, we proceed with routing.


  • Single-layer, Double-layer or Multilayer
  • PCB Layout design for flex, rigid & rigid-flex designs
  • High-speed designs and power designs etc.
  • PCB Design with controlled impedance requirements
  • PCB Design for mechanical constrained boards and enclosures
  • High-Density Interconnect HDI designs with via-in-pad, blind via, buried via & micro vias also via stacking & staggering technology
  • Designs with fine pitch Ball Grid Array BGAs. 
  • Customer to provide RF Specs for RF Designing


Reverse Engineering

We can take an existing board from a bare board or an assembled board. We take existing design files and drawings. From the above input, we can create a new design with all supporting documentation.

Cost Optimization

We design for affordability. We can review an existing product or design. We propose methods for cost reduction. In many cases, layer reduction is achieved using smaller geometries for conductors and vias and laser-drilled micro vias.

Signal Integrity Services

We perform signal integrity services on any high-speed board designs that we make. We give importance to control impedance and crosstalk requirements. We will take care of PCB materials or types suitable to achieve a given set of signal integrity specifications.

So what are you waiting for? Please provide the below things to get a design quote:

  • Schematic
  • BOM-Bill of materials
  • Mechanical drawings


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