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Embedded Testing

​We do QA Testing. Embedded Verification and Validation.


Verification and Validation (V&V)

Verification and Validation is a main part in the quality assurance of product, software, hardware and mechanical part development.
PCBandPCB has a large number of tried and proven different methods to develop products of the highest quality for our customers.
Our testing services provide end-to-end testing solution for embedded hardware and software across target devices.
processors, microcontrollers, wide range of electronic control unit (ECUs), system on chip(SOCs), embedded Operating systems (OS).
RTOS, development platforms, and programming languages.

We offer below engineering services

Software Verification

We do code review incuding static code analysis Klocwork, Lint, etc.
Unit tests by using tools Cantata, Tessy, VectorCast, etc.
SW integration test.
SW Failure Insertion Test (FIT).
We do Tool Qualification.
We provide Tool Validation services.
SIL i.e Software in loop testing.

Hardware Verification

Hardware module tests.
HIL i.e Hardware in loop testing.
Failure insertion tests (FIT) for hardware.
Hardware and software integration tests
Calculation of the safety parameters
Effects and criticality analysis (FME(C)A), Fault tree analysis. (FTA).
Mean time between failure (MTBF),

System Verification

We do entire verification of your product or the implementation of individual module independently or in close cooperation with your development team.
Creation of verification and validation plans (V&V Plan).
We prepare test concept that suits your requirement.
We create test plans, test specifications and test instructions.
Construction, Development and Execution of regression capable test systems for automated control of test sequences.
Development and construction of test benches for electronic circuits.
We do Elecromanetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing.
Execution of environmental tests.

Continuous Integration (CI)

The process of continuous integration (CI) process allows the software
to be tested automatically according to the specified and implemented test routines.
Due to this development team gets a uniform and objective evaluation of
SW quality.
So at an early stage problems are detected which will give us gives clear indications of improvement.
We use CI – Continuous integration extensively at PCBandPCB .
We use Automation to increase efficiency and quality.
We work in agile software development and testing.
We will be happy to provide you with competent,accurate, manufacturer-independent advice.
We would be happy to introduce CI Continuous Integration in your company and will implement the entire toolchain.

If you would like to become more familiar with continuous integration please contact us.

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