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Electronic Circuit Design

​Complex Electronic Circuits Designed with ease.  Trust us to reliably design your next Electronics Circuits!

Electronic Circuit Design: 


Analog Circuit Design

Analog circuits are usually made from the basic building blocks such as Diodes, Transistors, Transformers, Operational Amplifiers (OPAMP) & passive components. The biggest factor that identifies with an analog circuit is the missing of a “clock” to make the circuits function. Analog circuits also form the front end of several complex data analysis, test & measurement instructions in the form of signal conditioning, filtering, amplification and drivers for the analog signals.

Common examples of Analog Circuits are amplifiers & filters. Analog circuits can also be designed to provide the mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. Analog circuit design is part of Electronic Circuit Design.

PCBandPCB has great experience & expertise in complex analog circuit design. We handle the development of many high-end test/measurement instruments, where, designing robust analog circuits that are precise & accurate as the front-end forms the primary goal of the entire circuit design. Although analog circuits are dwindling due to digitization of electronic circuits, PCBandPCB thrives equally well in designing of analog circuits also.

Digital Circuit Design

Digital circuits are the ones that work on the basic levels of zeros and ones (discrete values). So the input & output signals of a digital circuit almost always are of finite number of voltage levels (called HIGH or LOW). Common Examples of Digital circuits are timers, counters and state machines.

Digital circuits usually form part of the overall complex circuit board design in terms of logic gates & finite state machines (FSM). Sometimes, using few gates & FSM chips would be economical and simpler than complex microcontroller systems. 

Digital circuits is a part of Electronic circuit design.PCBandPCB has expertise in making this crucial choice & avoiding design overkill for simple digital systems.

Mixed Circuit Design

Seldom is a circuit design purely analog or purely digital. In most cases, a circuit design, apart from most basic ones consists of both analog and digital circuits. Such a circuit is called a mixed circuit. In such a design, it is often very important to keep the analog & digital sections logically separate to reduce noise and improve performance.

A huge percentage of today’s circuits require mixed circuit designs where both analog & digital sections are common. At PCBandPCB, we have churned out a huge number of successful circuits using the mixed signal concept & will continue to do so.

Microcontroller Circuit Design

A microcontroller is an integrated circuit that can be programmed to perform various tasks. It is a low cost chip which can be programmed to execute the instructions provided. It is inherently digital, but many microcontrollers in the modern day also embed analog circuits like amplifier, analog-to-digital-converter (ADC), comparators and so on.

 Microcontrollers are commonly used in almost every imaginable electronic product in modern times. A field of engineering called “Embedded Systems Design” deal with designing of electronic products using microcontrollers.

PCBandPCB has mastered the art of microcontroller based circuit design. We have worked on every conceivable microcontroller technology & have kept ourselves abreast of the forthcoming developments. We are well equipped with all modern tools to take up this kind of design.

FPGA Circuit Design

FPGA stands for “Field Programmable Gate Arrays”. This is a type of digital circuit but which can be configured on a hardware level by the user rather than having a set of instructions executing and telling it what to do (like microcontroller). It has an array of logic blocks which can be configured in the way the user want the circuit to perform.

Its a tricky decision to choose microcontroller or FPGA in a circuit design. Using FPGAs would be a no-brainer for high performance systems, like several high-end medical, defense, aerospace applications. The agility with which the FPGA circuit can be reprogrammed & repurposed is its biggest advantage.

At PCBandPCB, we have handled many successful designs based on popular FPGAs. We have all the expertise & the necessary software/hardware tools to undertake even the most complex of the FPGA based designs & see them through successfully.


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